More than half a century’s experience in home maintenance and care as well as product innovation. A history full of improvement and success. Learn more about it!


ORO was founded

Francisco Vilanova Ibáñez (chemist at ORO) starts producing and selling agrochemical products.


1st Spray Insecticide

ORO was one of the first companies to manufacture and sell this product in Spain.


Liquid Detergents

It continues innovating by improving laundry care and getting rid of the residues left over by dust in the washing machine.


International expansion

Starting in Burkina Faso and Togo. Today, ORO is present in more than 40 countries where it is a market leader in most of them.


ORO’s Strategy

With 65% of the business devoted to its distribution brand, the decision was taken to drive the ORO brand (80% of the current business).


Entry into the Professional market

ORO acquires Caselli, leading brand in the professional market with a wide range of specialist products.


ORO becomes part of the Altaïr Group

Altaïr, leader of the DIY channel in France (Insecticides and Cleaning), acquires ORO, providing synergies in R&D and financial support to support future growth.


Acquires Mistol

ORO acquires Mistol from Henkel, strengthening its geographical expansion strategy as well as the types of products it sells.