ORO’s Manifesto

To be the company that families trust to take care of and protect their homes.

We earn your trust.

Offering branded products with unbeatable value, quality and safety.

Placing great importance on doing what is right by
our employees, customers, suppliers and the planet.

Carrying this out with passion as only a company with our history and background can do.

Company values and pillars

Spanish Company

History of success and desire to improve

Global Presence

Quality + Safety = Credibility

Flexibility and agility

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100% consumer-oriented R&D

The excellence of our R&D team is the result of applying knowledge and experience to the most advanced techniques and methodologies on the market.

In our laboratories, we develop the best products to help families look after and protect their homes.

We offer the most efficient and environmentally-friendly products.

All our insecticides are tested with the highest standards of effectiveness and quality in our own Entomological Centre.


Look after and protect homes through:

Brands renowned for the confidence they convey.

Cleaning and insect control products that are safe for people and the environment.

Improving the lives of those of us who work at ORO:

Offering work that enables people to be the best version of themselves.

Being a great place to work.

Where diversity and equal opportunities are the basis for success.

ORO has taken part in ChooseMyCompany´s Happy At Work survey to find out what its employees think.

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Collaborating with customers and suppliers:

Becoming a preferred partner that contributes significantly to their respective businesses.

Reduce the environmental impact:

Reducing water consumption.

Using natural components.

Using recyclable packaging.

Maximising the use of renewable energy.


Área de trabajo / Plan de acción

Reduciendo el uso del agua.

? Impulsar el desarrollo y consumo de concentrados y productos sin agua.

Energías renovables.

? Duplicar el uso de energía renovables.

Utilizando componentes naturales.

? Impulsar el desarrollo y consumo de la línea Respect. Y establecer la metodología OROlist a materias primas.

Incrementando la utilización de empaques reciclables.

? Incrementar el uso de envases no plásticos o con mayor % de plástico reciclado. Así como desarrollar e implementar el negocio de granel.