The Valencian company ORO acquires the Mistol brand

The manufacturer of household cleaning products that is part of the French group Altair acquires the historic dishwashing detergent brand that the multinational had acquired in 1969 and sold exclusively in Spain.

The company ORO has signed an agreement to acquire the hand dishwashing detergent brand Mistol, with a significant presence in the Spanish market, to strengthen its growth strategy in different categories and its expansion throughout Spain and across the world.

Mistol was founded in 1953, becoming the first dishwashing detergent to be sold in a glass bottle, rather than sold in bulk. It was taken over by Henkel Ibérica in 1969 and has since been sold exclusively in Spain, where it has a significant presence, according to company sources.

ORO´s CEO, Aníbal Ayala, has stated that the Mistol brand is a ´´perfect fit´´ for the company´s business strategy, focused on growth in home care, with new categories available and the expansion in Spain and in the markets it exports to.

ORO, part of the French group Altaïr, produces and sells home care products in more than 40 countries in Africa, Europe, Central America and Asia. It manufactures products such as insecticides, liquid detergents, air fresheners and cleaning products under the Oro, Caselli, Starwax The Fabulous and Respect brands.