ORO launches a new range of concentrated detergents

ORO, with the primary objective of satisfying needs in the home, is about to launch the ´Traditional & Essential´ range of detergents, towards the end of 2019. A new range of detergents made up of seven products that cover laundry careneeds as well as being highly concentrated, effective against tough stains, containing enzymes that benefit protecting fibres and maintaining colours, as well as an evolution of our exclusive fragrances.

The range of detergents consists of 7 products, a more traditional range, with a Marseille detergent, a blue gel detergent and a dark laundry detergent, and on the other hand, the Essences of Well-Being range, with the Peach Coconut, Rosehip, Ylang Ylang Lavender and Orange Sandalwood detergents.

All the detergents come in 2.5 litre format for 50 washes, with great results against tough stains, formulated with proactive enzymes, made with 100% natural soap and exclusive and lingering perfumes.

The Essences of Well-Being range of detergents is complemented by fabric softeners with the same fragrance, for a unique washing experience.