ORO renews its corporate image

Protection, family, trust, care, Home, safety, efficiency, desire to improve, sustainability, honesty… These are just some of the values that characterise us as a brand. A brand whose main objective is to be the company that families trust to take care of and protect their homes.

At ORO, we place great importance on doing what is right by our employees, customers, suppliers and the planet. A brand comprised of a team that constantly seeks to outdo itself through innovation and efficiency in our products.

ORO looks after and protects your home

We sought to transfer these brand values and philosophy to our new image: From the logo to each of our products.

As a result, we designed a logo that represents the main brand values: A hand that looks after and protects your family as well as the homes that place their trust in us, thanks to our wide range of products and brands: Mistol, Starwax The Fabulous, Respect y Oro Hogar.

Discover all the values and our raison d’être in our manifesto