ORO wished to contribute and help those most in need to get through the COVID-19 pandemic, so in light of this, we donated products to the CAMACOES Senegal initiative.

CAMACOES Senegal delivered essential products donated in Spain to help out those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Senegal. The ceremony took place at the GINDDI centre in Dakar, an institution responsible for taking in and protecting minors in difficult circumstances. They will be responsible, under the supervision of the Ministry of Women, Family, Gender and Child Protection, for delivering these products where they are needed the most.

The ceremony was simple and followed all the necessary COVID-19 protection measures. The CEO of CAMACOES Senegal, Mr. Gaspar Baños, mentioned and thanked the Spanish companies that took part in this initiative, since, without their tremendous support, the donations could not have come to fruition. He also reiterated his thanks to the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, that coordinated the various companies. In total, 42 pallets of essential goods were donated.

On behalf of the Spanish Embassy in Senegal, the acting Head of Business, Mr. José Luis González, congratulated CAMACOES for this initiative, also highlighting the importance of cooperation and exchange between Spain and Senegal.

Finally, on behalf of the Senegalese Ministry of Family, Mr. Ciré Lô, The Ministry´s Head of Cabinet, expressed his sincere gratitude for the products donated, praising the good relationship between Spain and Senegal.