ORO launches the Respect brand

ORO launches the Respect Herbal brand onto the market, the first product from the new ´Respect, responsible efficiency´ brand. It is an insect repellent with 100% natural, plant-based active ingredients. ´´We have succeeded in launching a repellent with these characteristics onto the market while maintaining maximum effectiveness against all types of insects, including tiger mosquitoes and mites,´´ states the Valencian company.

“Our challenge is, based on this new repellent and combining legal and market requirements, to further develop our Respect product range with natural active ingredients and sustainable green products while maintaining the same effectiveness´´, continues ORO, adding that the main challenge facing the insecticide market in the short term is ´´adaptation to future legislation, which will transform the current supply of insecticides into a much more humane and environmentally-friendly range and which will bring about a major transformation of the industry”.

This new regulation will imply that ´´products will be increasingly eco-friendly and of natural origin´´, concludes ORO, emphasising that ´´consumers are already demanding an increasing number of convenience products, with more ergonomic and comfortable formats, with softer fragrances”